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We have several Frequently Asked Questions answered here, take a look if you have any questions.

How many vehicles can I flash w/ UpRev Tuning Suite?
The vehicle interface will link itself to the first ECU it flashes and will then only flash that ECU. A normal end user UpRev cable can only hold one UpRev license at a time. You can purchase and flash a second vehicle after the initial license has been flashed.
** If you have a need to flash multiple cars, sign up to become a Pro Tuner: Pro Tuner Signup.
How many times can I flash my vehicle?
You can use the UpRev tuning suite to flash your ECU as many times as you would like. The manufacturer of the CPU guarantees a minimum of 100 reflashes. We’ve flashed some of our test ECUs over 1,000 times.
What parameters should be logged for AFR eTuning?
  • AFR Bank 1 and Bank 2
  • AFR correction Bank 1 and Bank 2
  • Base fuel schedule
  • Calculated load
  • Coolant temp
  • Engine speed (RPM)
  • Ignition timing advance
  • Knock strength
  • Hi Det flag
  • Throttle position (either one)
  • MAF voltage
  • Gms/sec
Will my local Nissan/Infiniti service department know that my ECU has been modified?
It is possible that your local service department will discover your ECU modification. The UpRev flash does not affect any functionality of the Consult II or III and is transparent to common maintenance and diagnostic procedures. In the unlikely event that a service tech were to test for our map switching, then they will know it has been flashed.
How do I get my ECU back to 100% Stock?
Simply use the UpRev cable to flash the "back to stock" ROM for your ECU.
Can UpRev Tuning Suite datalog AFR on my 2003-2004 350z or G35?
AFR cannot be logged directly from the ECU on these vehicles since they do not have wide band O2 sensors from the factory. The ROM Editor DOES support logging AFR from the Innovate technology WB O2 sensors directly so that AFR will show up in your logs along with all the ECU data.
Will a factory software update erase my UpRev reflash?
No, The dealership will not be able to overwrite the UpRev flash for 2015 models and older. If you have a newer model (2016 and up) please contact us at support@uprev.com before doing an update.
I only want to change my idle RPM, Speed Limit and Rev Limits, is there a discount?
There are no discounts for only using certain features. You will have to mail in your ecu and purchase the NATS Disabling from our store. Please include a note what idle rpm, speed limit, and rev limits that are desired.
Can UpRev Tuning Suite set a desired AFR? For example, I'm running a little lean, can you guys fix that with a tune?
Yes, the UpRev Tuning Suite tune can set a desired AFR to fix both rich and lean conditions.
How many maps can my ECU hold?
There is space for 5 maps on all supported ECU’s except for the 2004 Titan. The 2004 Titan only allows for 3 maps. There are some UK/European/Middle Eastern 350z and TB48 Nissan Patrol models that can only hold 1 map.
How long does it take to reflash my ECU?
The initial flash should take about 1 min. Consecutive flashes thereafter will only take a matter of seconds.
What versions of Windows will the software run on?
We support our product on Windows 8 and above only. Earlier versions of Windows are no longer supported.
How does map switching work?
Using the Cruise Control Buttons...
-Hold the set/coast toggle down
-Press "Cancel" once for map 1, twice for map 2, etc...
-Then release the set/coast toggle.
-When you release the toggle, the cruise "SET" light on the dash will blink once for map 1, twice for map 2, etc... There are also a FEW vehicles that require using the break pedal instead of just the cruse switches. For these vehicles use the same pattern as above, but hold the cancel button while tapping the break pedal.
Is the Cruise Control still functional with the map switching feature?
Yes, Cruise Control is still functional with the map switching feature enabled.
What about those of us who don't have cruise control? Is there any other way to get multiple maps?
You can add the factory cruise control steering wheel, and associated switches. Most vehicles have the wiring installed and are a simple plug and play. Please verify prior to ordering any parts. Once installed, flash a rom that has cruise from the factory. If you are not sure what rom to flash please contact your local UpRev dealer or contact support@uprev.com.
Will the ECU learn around the reflash like other engine management options?
No. When the ECU is reflashed it is given new targets to learn to. Over time as the ECU does learn the tune will get better as your vehicle learns to run closer to the new values.
Where do I get my ECU part number?

1) Connect to your vehicle w/ ROM Editor (if you know someone who has ROM Editor), and the text box after you connect will tell you.
2) Call your local dealership's parts department w/ your VIN handy. Give them the VIN and ask for your ECU part number. The number should be similar to 23710-?????
3) The ECU part number changes w/ software revisions, so even identical ECUs can have different part numbers (and they usually do). That's why there isn't a part number that you can get off the case.

Can UpRev Tuning Suite be used to rescale fuel injectors and MAF sensors?
The software supports it, however it must be done through a professional tuner to be done correctly.
Can I modify my own maps and do my own tuning?
Yes, UpRev Tuning Suite is for end users who want to do their own tuning.
I bought a ROM Editor system from another user, can I use it on my car?
Yes, the UpRev Tuning Suite is an non-licensed product and requires the cable to be used. As long as you have the UpRev cable, UpRev license, or Windows based laptop/surface, you can use the UpRev tuning system on a supported vehicle. The UpRev cables have a one year warranty from date of purchase, and the warranty is not transferable. A used cable will not have a warranty.