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UpRev Tuner ADD ON

"This product is intended for customers who already have a custom dyno tune from one of our Pro Tuners.  This add on system DOES NOT include a reflash license.  If your ECU has NOT already been re-flashed with an UpRev system then you will need the regular UpRev Tuner system, or a re-flash from one of our Pro Tuners."

The UpRev Tuner system includes Interface Cable, Map Switching, the flash utility and our powerful, ROM Editor. UpRev Tuner supports NA applications and high horse power forced induction vehicles. Using the UpRev MAF GT, upgraded injectors and high flow fuel pump we have tuned for over 550whp on the G35.

UpRev Tuner does not include any base maps or eTunes, the user is expected to develop their own tune for their vehicle using the stock ROM that is included in the software package. Paid technical support can be found through UpRev’s Pro Tuners.

Parameters that are supported in the ROM Editor include:

  • Up to 5 Maps on cruise control equipped vehicles
  • Idle RPM
  • Speed Limiter
  • Electronic Throttle Control to achieve Wide Open Throttle at all speeds.
  • Rev Limiter
  • AFR Targets
  • Fuel Compensation
  • Ignition Timing Advance
  • Cam Phasing for equipped vehicles.
  • MAF transfer function
  • Cranking Enrichment and Ignition Advance
  • Injector Latency
  • K Fuel Multiplier
  • Intake Temp
  • Calculated Load vs. RPM
  • Minimum Effective Injector Pulse Width

This product has a 1 year from date of purchase warranty and is non-transferable.

Additional Information

Length 1.0000
Width 1.0000
Height 1.0000