UpRev Standard for Juke


UpRev Standard for Juke

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Osiris Standard for Juke


Osiris Standard for Juke includes: 1 Interface Cable, 1 UpRev Re-Flash license, 1 Base Tune, and 4 eTune adjustments.  ROMEditor is a Windows-based software; you will need a Windows-based laptop or a tablet that runs a full version of Windows for flashing the Base Tune and for data logging.


NO Aftermarket Boost Controllers

NO Meth Injection

NO Nitrous

Factory Turbo ONLY


You will have one year from date of purchase to use your eTune adjustments. The eTunes are not transferable. It can take up to two weeks to receive your eTune adjustments. If the year passes or you’ve used all 4 eTunes, you can purchase additional eTunes.


Osiris is not a fix for emission related problems.


Osiris Standard for Juke, will be available in 2 boost stages. If you want to change your Boost Stage, you will need to purchase a new Base Tune.


Stage 1: Will be a 15psi tune.


Stage 2: will be 18psi. Aftermarket intercooler highly recommended.



Changing your Stage will require a new Base Tune


Tunes higher than 20psi will require dyno tuning at one of our over 380 Pro Tuners located around the world.


Map Settings

Map1: Stock boost

Map 2: Selected Stage Boost- Stage1 15psi, Stage 2 18psi

Map 3: Valet- Lowered Redline and Speed Limiter.

Map 4: Security- Engine won't start.


UpRev Standard tuning process.

  1. Fill out our build form
  2. We will ship you the Interface cable
  3. Download UpRev Tuning Suite from the support section of our website.
  4. Interface your vehicle with your laptop to get the ECU part number.
  5. Email your ECU part number to etune@uprev.com, place your order number in the subject field.
  6. We build your custom Base Tune according to your modifications, and email it to you
  7. You will flash the Base Tune onto your ECU.
  8. Follow the data log instructions
  9. Email your data logs to etune@uprev.com, it can take up to two weeks to receive your revised tune.
  10. Flash your revised tune.
  11. Enjoy!

NOTICE: This product will not help you pass emissions if your vehicle is modified or has existing emissions associated problems.




Additional Information

Length 11.0000
Width 6.0000
Height 2.0000