eTune - Custom Tuning

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eTune Steps

  1. Additional eTune(s) can be purchased if you have purchased UpRev Standard drectly from our store.  If you purchased UpRev Standard from one of our dealers, you will have to purchase a BASE Tune as well.
  2. Data Log your vehicle while running the Base Tune (or Map) that is to be changed. (Usually your 91 or 93 Performance Map)
  3. Email the Log (.csv) to the mailbox.
  4. Wait 1-2 weeks for us to review the logs and make the necessary changes to your tune.
  5. When your response email arrives, your new tune file will be attached. Save this file to your Uprev/ROM Editor directory or another location you can easily find.
  6. Flash the new tuned ROM file onto your ECU.

Any adjustments emailed after the initial base tune has been flashed to the ECU will count as an e-tune.

Additional Information

Length 1.0000
Width 1.0000
Height 1.0000