Cipher Data & Diagnostics

Our popular data logging and diagnostic tool for today’s Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. Cipher allows you to connect your USB equipped Windows PC directly to your vehicle and communicate with on-board systems such as the ECU.

With Cipher, you can log various sensors/parameters and retrieve DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) so you can see how your vehicle is running and see what needs to be repaired or adjusted. Data that is retrieved with Cipher can be viewed in real time or saved to a file for later viewing or comparison. Cipher’s .csv files can be viewed through Cipher’s built-in graphical display or through many spreadsheet programs.

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Osiris Engine Management

Our PC based reflash system allowing the user to flash their ECU with customized tuning. Osiris comes in three varieties to fit anyone's need.

  • Osiris Flash Service - our mail-in service for our customers that wish to send their ECU to us for a one time recalibration. Find Out More >>
  • Osiris Standard - Our PC based reflash system allowing the user to flash their ECU with customized tuning provided by UpRev or an UpRev Pro Tuner. Osiris Standard includes Cipher and comes with three eTune updates providing custom tuning for your vehicle. Find Out More >>
  • Osiris Tuner - For the do it yourself types who are familiar and capable of tuning their own vehicles or the enthusiast looking for a better alternative to Stand-Alone ECU and Piggyback systems. Find Out More >>

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eTune Custom Tuning

Our email based tuning service option for Osiris Standard and Osiris Tuner customers. eTunes are purchased from UpRev directly or from any of our supporting Pro Tuners world wide. eTune updates are created based on Cipher data logs from your vehicle that you provide to us by email.

Once we receive your logs we will review them and make the necessary changes to your tune. The new tune will be emailed back to you to be loaded via Osiris.

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